PlaceSpeak Connect

What is PlaceSpeak Connect?

PlaceSpeak Connect is a geographic digital identity authentication application programming interface or GeoID API. It allows third party applications and websites to verify the location of its users. PlaceSpeak Connect tests a user’s address or location against a predetermined area of interest, producing geographically relevant results.

The Tutorial for setting up a PlaceSpeak Connect client is here:

Who can use PlaceSpeak Connect?

Any third party application or website that wants to verify the location of its participants can be easily integrated with PlaceSpeak Connect. Here are some examples of use cases:


Online petitions are a popular tool for groups wishing to demonstrate support for their position. This is done with the intention of enhancing democracy and producing positive social change. Unfortunately, petitions are not taken seriously by decision-makers, as they are not verifiable. Online petitions are often anonymous and subject to manipulation. Often signatures are not authenticated and can be forged. Furthermore, there is no way to limit specific geographical areas of those signing the petition in the first place. PlaceSpeak Connect changes all that! PlaceSpeak Connect solves the problem of indefensible petitions by geographically verifying the location of signatures, so your results are taken seriously.


When you want to be informed by the location of survey respondents, PlaceSpeak Connect makes it possible. If you want to restrict participation to within specific boundaries, PlaceSpeak is there. Plug into virtually any survey software to authenticate the location of your respondents. By geographically verifying survey responses with PlaceSpeak Connect, you will receive high quality results, which leads to high quality outcomes.

Safeguarding Personal Information

PlaceSpeak Connect protects PrivacybyDesign. This means that your consultation can obtain verifiable, location-based feedback data without interfering with the personal privacy of respondents.

In order to accurately geo-authenticate a user, PlaceSpeak collects personal information (address, email address) for the purposes of identifying and verifying individuals. It uses both automated an opt-in mechanisms for this verification process. As a proactive consideration, PlaceSpeak ensures that users privacy is protected by handling personal information in a minimal, secure, deliberate and intelligent manner. Our platform seeks to enhance participatory democracy, civic engagement, and improve the public consultation process, while preserving the privacy of our users.