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Why PlaceSpeak?

From city planning to public transportation, from school districts to resource development, decision-makers want to hear from real, relevant people who will be affected by new changes – like yourself.

By participating in public consultations and building stronger neighborhoods, PlaceSpeak empowers you to make a meaningful impact on the communities where you live, work, and play.

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Sign up and claim your place! Choose the notifications you want to receive by selecting your interests and location.

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Make your voice heard by contributing feedback and discussing ideas. See what other residents are saying.

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Reach decision-makers and have a genuine impact on policies that are shaping your community.

Explore Topics

Most Recent Consultations In Your Area

Explore the latest consultation topics in your area and have your say on issues directly affecting your community.

Build trust and demonstrate transparency

Unlike closed panel discussions, email or surveys, PlaceSpeak builds instant trust through dynamic, real-time and transparent dialogue among verified users.


Attract more participants

  • Administer multiple consultations
  • Embed website topic tools
  • Notify participants via email

Stay safe and secure

  • Enjoy firewall data protection
  • Align with client privacy policies
  • Privacy by design

Consult the public, 24/7

  • Create engaging discussion forums anytime
  • Gain community insights with polls and surveys
  • Poll quickly, easily and accurately

Quick, easy and cost effective.

  • Reduce costs for physical meeting locations

  • Reduce marketing and consultation collateral costs

  • Analyze data in familiar formats

Analyze data in real time

  • Generate real-time Google Analytics reports
  • Download discussions, surveys and polls

Get up and running quickly

  • Create a public consultation in under 30 mins*
  • Easily employ robust engagement and feedback tools

Integrate promotional tools

  • Access PlaceSpeak's pool of active and verified users
  • Activate social sharing and web widgets
  • Distribute customizable notification emails

Tap into PlaceSpeak's Geo-Verified user base, and/or invite your own.

PlaceSpeak connects digital identities to participants’ physical addresses, geo-verifying them so that online consultations can be location-specific. PlaceSpeak also leverages the “network-effect” to encouraging civic engagement, notifying citizens of relevant consultations in their area and providing them with the opportunity to contribute direct, meaningful feedback.




When you need to know what a community needs, wants, thinks or expects, PlaceSpeak informs your decision-making with real-time, geo-accurate data. PlaceSpeak is ideal for location-based consultations, such as:

  • Community and transportation planning

  • Infrastructure and resource development

  • School, community, parks & recreation

  • Rezoning and development permits


More reasons to like PlaceSpeak.

PlaceSpeak is packed with the tools you need to get the participant feedback you need:

  • Event tools for offline management and engagement

  • Land-use, community and transportation planning

  • Public facing topic activity views and connected participants

  • Transparent participant requirements

  • Keyword tools for better SEO visibility

  • Social media feeds embedded into your topic page

  • Viewable geographic locations of people connected to your topic


Flexible pricing: Upgrade anytime


Offers all the features you need to generate your own online consultation topic. Setup and manage a topic page with the basic feature set.
  • No hidden costs; no one time setup fees.
  • Easy, quick set-up
  • A single consultation
  • Content Management System
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited polls
  • Unlimited discussions
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited resources
  • Public Noticeboard
  • Standard metrics and insights


Offers all the features you need to generate a successful online consultation, with additional Premium features, services and technical support.

    All the features contained in our Standard Plan PLUS

  • Notify current PlaceSpeak users about your consultation
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited Moderators
  • Vanity URL
  • Advanced insights and visualization tools
  • Downloadable reports


Use PlaceSpeak organization-wide for multiple consultations leveraging the network effect. Cross-pollinating topics within your organization will grow your participant base.

    All the features contained in our Premium Plan PLUS

  • Unlimited consultations
  • Organization-wide widgets
  • Neighborhood Integration


We also provide à-la-carte professional services. Services are available on a per topic basis or bundled with an Enterprise package.

  • Basic Survey Setup $1,000
  • Basic Report Preparation $1,000
  • Topic Moderation $1,000 / month
  • Training $500 / hour
    Maximum 4 people
  • Basic Topic Page Setup $500
  • Complex Survey Setup Starting at $2,000
  • Detailed Report Analysis Starting at $2,000
  • Report Writing Starting at $2,500
  • Social Media Package $250 / month
    1 blog post, 4 Facebook postings, 20 Tweets

1 PlaceSpeak's customer staff reserves the right to limit the duration of support phone calls to duration of one hour per call. A single support incident may involve multiple calls, emails and off-line help. PlaceSpeak customer support staff are responsible for determining what characterizes a single support incident and communicating this to the customer. PlaceSpeak will make every reasonable efforts to resolve the issue but PlaceSpeak cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved.


What others think

"Prior to launching the PlaceSpeak topic, we had only heard from people who felt strongly on either side. PlaceSpeak allowed us to request input from the broader community. It was nice to see residents taking the middle ground, not only extreme positions. We had many passionate residents on both sides of the issue, but the challenge is always to get feedback from people who may not come to a meeting to give public testimony, but want to be heard.”

- Alexandra Pierce

Project Manager, City and Borough of Juneau


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