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Our location-based citizen engagement platform enables legitimate transparent consultation that delivers defensible data to inform decisions and public policy.

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From participating in public consultations to creating stronger neighbourhoods, PlaceSpeak empowers you to shape the community in which you want to live.

Our mission is to build legitimacy in online democratic practices by authenticating digital identity to place, protecting individual privacy, and closing the feedback loop between public consultation and accountability.

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Topics Near Vancouver

Explore the latest consultation topics in your area and have your say on issues directly affecting your community.

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Vancouver Maritime Museum

By Vancouver Maritime Museum

Every day the Vancouver Maritime Museum charts a new course of adventure for all!

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Streetcar City 2050

By PlaceSpeak

Streetcar City 2050 asks if it is time to bring back the streetcar to Vancouver.

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Dunbar Residents' Association

By Dunbar Residents' Association

The Dunbar Residents Association wants to hear from you!

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Kerrisdale Community Centre Society

By Kerrisdale Community Centre Society

Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and Park Board have jointly run our Community Centre since the 1940s.


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