Boundary Bay Village


Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

At PlaceSpeak, we aim to help people become more connected and engaged to one another, to their neighbours and neighbourhood, and to their larger community.

When we use the word "connection" we mean our relationships with others and the strength of those relationships. “Engagement" means our commitment to community and the willingness to take actions to solve problems or to participate in activities that make our community better. Connections and engagement -- two sides of the same coin. And both critical to creating healthy, vibrant and livable communities for all.

PlaceSpeak allows you to connect privately within the boundaries of your neighbourhood. Within a Neighbourhood, you can:

  • Get to know your Neighbours

    • Browse the list participating residents and connect with your neighbours.
    • Send private messages
  • Use the Noticeboard to post:

    • General notices
    • Classifieds
    • Crime & Safety
    • Free Stuff
    • Lost & Found
    • Recommendations
  • Create and Share Events:

    • Garage Sales
    • Block Party

Great neighbourhoods are built through the support of residents like you so please join now! Welcome home!

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